About the Company

The company "LUKOIL" is a recognized Russian oil industry leader in oil exploration, extraction, refining and selling oil products. It was established on basis of an oil corporation founded in 1991 and combining oil extraction in cities of Western Siberia, such as Langepas, Uraj, Kogalim, and oil refining in the enterprises of Perm, Volgograd and Novoufimsk. The initial letters of these cities form the name of the Company.

"LUKOIL" is one of the biggest oil companies in the world according to the volume of oil reserve and extraction. The company functions according to the principle of vertical integration, "from oil bore to fuel filling station." The company deals with oil extraction, refinery, wholesale and retail of oil products and lubricants.

"LUKOIL" carries out its activities not only in Russia, but also beyond its boundaries: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Cyprus, Serbia, Rumania, Bulgaria, the Baltic states, Belarus, Columbia, the USA and other countries. The company is constantly developing, and its activity embraces wider and wider geographic regions.

One of the priorities of the enterprise is to increase manufacturing oil products and distribute them both in local and world markets.

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